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YouTube is all about making short videos, posting them online, and sharing them online with all your friends. Its difficult as a YouTube Director to keep track of your videos, especially when you get more than a few dozen. Trying to find your most popular video, or highest rated video can be a challenge!

Enter ViewTracker

ViewTracker is a widget, currently designed for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and higher. Its mission is simple, display your top videos sorted by highest view count, highest rating, last updated, and 'relevance'. (I don't know what the last one is either). It constantly updates with YouTube servers, every 15 minutes or so it will check and download your latest video list and hit counts for easy display.

Finding data you want can be hard, and displaying that data is a format you want is even harder. Feel free to give ViewTracker a try. Its free, but donations are accepted.