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I believe in a strong balance between quality and quantity. Getting one thing perfect doesn't always make the 8 other urgent items on your to do list go away. Here's my done and doing list. Its not comprehensive or complete, but might be helpful if you want background information about what I have actually done.
I've been interested in digital signage since high school. Concerto is the 3rd digital signage system I've been involved developing, and has proven to be the most exciting one yet. I'm primarily responsible for lots of behind the scenes work such as designing the core system architecture, implementing classes for all objects, handling of dynamic content sources, and developing public API. Over 850 students/faculty/staff have signed in to check out the production system at RPI, submitting over 2,250 pieces of content.
Shuttle Tracking
I picked up the shuttle tracking project my Freshman year at RPI with the goal of replacing the existing Java Applet with a cleaner, web-friendlier system. Leveraging the Google Maps API I was able to accomplish this. The current system is used to track the positions of shuttles online via a map, as well as predict the arrival time over the phone via work with the Asterisk AGI. Recently refactored, the front end code is written in Ruby on Rails providing multiple public data feeds, the backend updating script is python based.
As CIO for the RPI Student Senate, I'm responsible for the safe-keeping of the Senate's digital archives. Flagship serves as a document repository for Student Government, aiming to make the sharing and distribution process as easy as possible. Version 2, released in Feb 2010, added full-text search and a stronger category navigation system. Read about the release at the Web Tech blog.
My work in the RPI TV group is easily seen by watching any video online. While I'm not responsible for the content of every video, I'm responsible for the encoding and distribution of the media. I've developed Apple Compressor presets to assist editors in getting their videos to the web and for archive requiring little knowledge of video encoding settings. Current work includes streaming live video events over the internet, and increasing the quality of online offerings.

Upcoming Projects

The following are somewhere in the development cycle and are not publicly accessible.
Student Senate
The current Student Senate website at RPI is functional to a point. I'm working on a complete rewrite of the site, focusing the design to remove any static references, links, or conditions. My hopes for the new site include storing historical data and tight integration with other online services (Flagship, Tasks, etc).
RPI Rules & Elections
Designing a model to handle the number intricacies that an elections process has continues to be a challenge but I'm actively developing a new website to expose more information and relationships that exist in the elections process at RPI.

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