Welcome to my poorly designed website. Like a lot of people, I don't have time to make this look extra pretty and impressive, I would prefer to spend my time doing things (like writing software, answering emails, etc) that helps others. When I get all that done I'll take a look at cleaning this up, but I'm not holding my breath. You shouldn't either.

In the meantime, I have setup a blog where I talk about my projects... you can see what I'm up to and learn from my mistakes if you'd like:


Brian Michalski

P.S A site redesign is coming soon.

You can find my CV online, as well as my shortlist, which includes samples of my work.

There is a chance you are looking for data related to my various projects. You might find these links helpful:


A "connected digital ecosystem", aka open source digital signage.


Ruby on Rails document management system, open source, start here.


Personal YouTube view count tracking widget for OS X.


A simple Facebook quote display engine

Looking for me?

The best way to contact me is via email

Alternatively, if for some reason my email doesn't work. You can try not using words that common spam filters tend to catch. I reserve the right to completely ignore and archive your message if I don't feel like it. This doesn't mean if you don't get a reply I have ignored your message, it means that I am busy with something. Like a test, or code, or something.


Buckets, looks like Twitter is running a bit slow today